PCR Plastic Accessories


A wide variety of PCR sealing and positioning tools are available to improve PCR results:

Easy Cap™ tool — This multifunctional tool facilitates cap opening and closing. It prevents crushing of 0.5 ml thin-wall PCR tubes, and it properly seats domed caps in 0.2 ml PCR tubes or plates.

Strip cap tool — The strip cap tool quickly and easily seats 8- and 12-cap strips on PCR plates and tubes. A grooved channel on one side is designed to seal domed caps, while the flat edge on the opposite side is for flat caps. For best results, seat tube strips while they are in the thermal cycler block or in a 96-place rack.

96-place PCR tube rack and cover — These stackable storage units for tubes and unskirted and semi-skirted PCR plates also provide a stable platform for preparing or centrifuging reactions.

Sealing roller — The sealing roller firmly seats PCR plate sealers and is strongly recommended for applying the firm pressure needed when using Microseal® 'A' film, 'B' adhesive seals, and 'F' foil. It ensures that the seal is properly seated over each well. For best results, place the PCR plates in the cycler block or on a sturdy rack before using the roller.

MyCycler™ sample loading tray —The MyCycler sample loading tray simplifies work with thin-wall PCR tubes and is recommended for use with 0.2 ml tubes. Use of this tray in the reaction block ensures uniform contact between the heated lid and each sample, and it facilitates sample loading and removal. The tray can be used to hold thin-wall tubes during PCR assay setup and provides convenient, stackable post-PCR storage of 0.2 ml tubes.

Pressure pad — The foam pressure pad can improve film-sealing performance, especially when low-profile PCR plates are used in thermal cyclers with nonadjustable lids, such as the MyCycler and iCycler® thermal cyclers. The pad has an orange foam side and a black magnet side. The black magnet side should face down to the plates so that it will not stick to the cycler's metal lid.

Heat sealer support plate — The heat sealer support plate ensures optimal automated heat sealing of Hard-Shell® thin-wall 384-well plates using common heat sealers. Place the thin, aluminum heat sealer support plate under the wells of the PCR plate while sealing (raised surface facing up). The plate will provide the support needed when applying pressure with the heat-seal device.

Microseal 384 plate positioner — To achieve consistent results in automated processes, such as dispensing and retrieving small volumes (<5 µl) in a PCR plate, precise positioning and uniform well depth are required. Placing a Microseal 384-well PCR plate onto the Microseal 384 plate positioner secures the PCR plate and flattens it if needed. The positioner footprint (127.90 x 85.85 mm) is designed to fit securely into the plate nest of commonly used automated liquid handlers.

Easy Cap™ Tool

Pkg of 1, tool for capping and uncapping PCR samples, ensures tight seal for 0.2 ml tubes or 96-well microplates

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Strip Cap Tool

Pkg of 1, tool for seating 8- and 12-cap strips on PCR plates or tubes

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96-Place Racks

Pkg of 5, rack for PCR tubes and unskirted microplates, with covers, assorted colors

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PCR Tube Racks

Pkg of 10, 96-place rack, conforms to ANSI/SBS standards, holds 0.2 and 0.1 ml PCR tubes and plates, suitable for robotic handling, autoclavable, white

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Sealing Roller

Pkg of 1, for sealing PCR plates with films

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MyCycler™ Sample Loading Trays

Pkg of 2, sample loading tray for use with MyCycler thermal cycler when using high-profile 0.2 ml tubes

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Pressure Pad

Pkg of 1, foam pad with magnet for uniform pressure on sealing film on plates in thermal cyclers

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Microseal® 384 Plate Positioner

Pkg of 1, positioner for securing plate during automated liquid handling

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Optical Compression Pad

Pkg of 1, pad for improved film sealing of 96-well plates during real-time PCR, for use in DNA Engine Opticon® 2 and Chromo4™ systems

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