Lucid System Qualification Kit


The Lucid system qualification kit ensures that the Bruker instrument is operating to specification. The kit improves the reproducibility and reliability of your SELDI data, using the same products and techniques that are used for testing by Bio-Rad's quality control teams. The kit includes special ProteinChip arrays specifically developed to test and calibrate the mass spectrometer. These unique arrays are prespotted with matrix and standards and are ready to use. Use this kit to:

  • Stabilize the reader's detector output over time with automatic adjustments using the detector calibration array
  • Optimize instrument laser energy for profiling experiments
  • Perform mass calibration with a prespotted peptide array
  • Run system tests to validate instrument performance prior to running an experiment

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Lucid System Qualification Kit

Instrument performance validation kit for the Lucid Proteomics System, includes premade ProteinChip arrays for 4 months of instrument qualification

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