Gene Transfer/Transfection


Introducing DNA and RNA into cells is a powerful tool for evaluating gene expression. Bio-Rad's transfection products offer choices for gene transfer to bacterial, plant, fungal, and animal cells.

Competent Cells
For applications ranging from the creation of cDNA libraries to the investigation of gene function, competent cells have become an essential tool in research. Bio-Rad's C-Max chemi-competent cells provide high-efficiency convenience for most routine cloning experiments.

Electroporation Cuvettes
High-quality electroporation cuvettes are essential for consistent pulse delivery and reproducible results with your valuable samples. The precision pulse output of Bio-Rad's MicroPulser electroporator is matched by high-quality electroporation cuvette construction. Bio-Rad's cuvettes are thoroughly washed to eliminate trace-inhibitors, then sterilized and individually wrapped.

MicroPulser Electroporator for Microorganisms
The MicroPulser electroporator is a simple and versatile electroporator that enables safe and reproducible transformation of bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms.

Key features:

  • Simple one-button pulse delivery, attached cuvette chamber, and rapid charge time
  • Preset optimized programs for commonly studied bacteria and fungi to facilitate rapid program selection
  • Broad range of parameters for manual program optimization: voltage range of 200–3,000 V with 10 V precision and pulse range of 1.0–4.0 ms with 0.1 ms precision
  • 3,000 V capacity yields improved efficiency in larger volume cuvettes
  • Audible and visual pulse indicators
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