Disposable Cuvettes


Bio-Rad disposable cuvettes are molded from polystyrene, making them ideal for use with the Bio-Rad protein assay, the DC protein assay, and the RC DC protein assay. They adsorb less Coomassie Blue dye than glass cuvettes and much less than quartz cuvettes. Assays can be mixed directly in the cuvette and the volume of reagents can be cut in half, yielding twice as many assays per kit.

Bio-Rad standard cuvettes hold up to 3.5 ml, allowing assays to be mixed directly in the cuvette. Bio-Rad semimicrovolume 1.5 ml cuvettes are ideal for working with smaller volumes.

Both standard and semimicrovolume cuvettes are sized to fit most spectrophotometers. The cuvettes have smooth optical surfaces for consistent and accurate readings and the nonoptical walls are grooved for an easy grip and to provide orientation.

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5676 Liquid Handling - Pipets and Disposables for Microplate Systems Insert, Rev A Click to download [ Add to Cart (Free) ]
9197 Instruction Manual, Disposable Cuvettes — Visible Range, 800–340 nm Standard and Semi-Micro, for Use With Bio-Rad Protein Assay, Rev C Click to download