Database Projection Analysis

Database Projection Analysis Feature - Discover Prominent Factors in Chemical, Analytical, & Biological Data

In order to find prominent factors or differentiation within large databases of chemical, analytical (including spectra and chromatograms), and biological data, a researcher can use the loadings plot from a multivariate analysis of that data as a query to search against a "standard" dataset.

However, depending upon the correlation of the experimental dataset to the standard dataset, this method does not always yield accurate answers. For example, in spectroscopic and chromatographic applications, inaccuracies are especially prevalent when the researcher uses a "peak-search" approach rather than using the whole spectrum or chromatogram in the database search.

In response, Bio‑Rad Laboratories, Inc. has introduced a new feature known as Database Projection Analysis within the KnowItAll Informatics System. This method of analysis can be quite successful in helping researchers to identify differentiation factors or "markers" hidden within a dataset. It is complementary to other applications such as KnowItAll's AnalyzeIt MVP for multivariate analysis.

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Database Projection Analysis in the KnowItAll Informatics System

*Available as part of certain KnowItAll software packages. Types of data accessible will depend on the edition of KnowItAll and options licensed.

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INF-95935 KnowItAll - Database Projection Analysis: Discover Prominent Factors in Chemical, Analytical, & Biological Data Click to download
INF-Sci_Poster_024 Poster: Automated Identification of Metabolite Biomarkers by Combining Database Search and Projection Analysis in an Integrated Software System - ENC CONFERENCE 2008 Click to download