CFX Connect™ Real-Time PCR Detection System

CFX Connect™ Real-Time PCR Detection System


Optical Design
CFX Connect system's solid-state optical technology)

Innovative Optical Design
The CFX Connect™ system's solid-state optical technology (three filtered LEDs and three filtered photodiodes) provides sensitive detection for precise quantification and target discrimination.

Scanning just above the sample plate, the optics shuttle individually illuminates and detects fluorescence from each well with high sensitivity and no cross talk. The optical system automatically collects data from all wells during data acquisition, so you can enter or edit well information on your own schedule.

Two-Target Multiplexing
The CFX Connect system can discriminate up to two targets in a single reaction well. The optical filter sets are designed to maximize fluorescence detection for specific dyes in specific channels. At every position and with every scan, the optics shuttle is reproducibly centered above each well, so the light path is always fixed and optimal, and there is no need to sacrifice data collection in one of the channels to normalize to a passive reference dye.

Fast Scan Option
You can complete SYBR® Green I and single-color FAM protocols even faster using the fast scan mode, which reads single-channel fluorescence from all 96 wells in just 3 seconds.

Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
The CFX Connect system's optics shuttle includes one channel with an LED-filter photodiode combination dedicated for FRET singleplex experiments, further expanding your experimental options.

Fast Thermal Cycling

If you're like most researchers, you want to get results faster. Many factors contribute to the overall time it takes to get PCR results: the time to design, program, and optimize a protocol, the time to run the protocol, and the time to analyze the results. Bio-Rad engineers have developed a complete thermal cycling system that will speed every step of the PCR process to give you what's really important — a shorter time from setup to results.

Protocol autowriter — generates an optimal protocol based on your polymerase, primers, and product length.

Thermal gradient feature — identifies optimal annealing temperature in a single run.

Reduced-mass sample block — fast ramping and settling produce the shortest time to target temperature available in a thermal cycler.

Intuitive software — makes programming faster and easier for PCR and real-time PCR.

The patented* reduced-mass sample block heats and cools more quickly than standard blocks, so average ramp rates are increased and overall run times are reduced.

Superior Uniformity
Precision of the temperature steps is critical for the rate and efficiency of PCR. To obtain reliable, consistent results, all sample wells must maintain proper temperature throughout each incubation step. The CFX Connect™ system uses six independently controlled thermal electric modules (TEs), the heating and cooling elements of the thermal cycler, to maintain tight temperature uniformity at all points during a run — even while ramping.

Rapid Arrival at Target Temperature
A key component of overall protocol run time is the time required to reach target temperature, which is determined by the average ramp rate and the time needed for the sample block to reach thermal uniformity. Maximum ramp rate is less important because it can fluctuate significantly during the ramp. The CFX Connect system's temperature control produces high average ramp rates and tight uniformity during ramping to yield fast time to target temperature and faster protocol run times. Run times can be dramatically shortened — to less than 30 min — while still producing accurate quantitative results. Now you can tailor your runs around your schedule instead of tailoring your schedule around your runs.

Rapid arrival at target temperature and superior uniformity for reproducible results. The CFX Connect system exhibits high average ramp rates, rapid settling time, and tight thermal uniformity throughout the ramp. This graph shows the temperature measured by probes in 15 wells across a sample block. The traces are nearly indistinguishable due to the tight uniformity. Note the consistent ramp rate throughout heating and cooling.

* U.S. patent 7,632,464.

Thermal Gradient

Efficient Optimization
Determining the optimal temperature for primer annealing is crucial for efficient and specific amplification of product. With the CFX Connect™ system's thermal gradient feature, you can determine the optimal temperature for primer annealing in a single experiment, minimizing the use of precious samples and reagents and saving valuable research time. At any step in a protocol, you can program a temperature gradient of up to 24°C across the reaction block. The thermal cycler provides exceptional temperature uniformity and reproducibility within each gradient zone, and the temperatures can easily be programmed and viewed onscreen in the software so you can quickly identify the optimal incubation temperature.

Thermal gradient experiment for optimizing annealing temperature. A tenfold dilution series (106 to 10 copies) of plasmid containing GAPDH template was amplified in the presence of SYBR® Green dye using a protocol with an annealing thermal gradient ranging from 55 to 68°C. Results are presented for two temperatures, showing 62°C as the optimal in this case. Cq, quantification cycle; RFU, relative fluorescence units.

O-ring hermetic seal extends the life of the heating and cooling elements. Condensation from constant heating and cooling can degrade thermal electric modules (TEs), causing them to fail. The CFX Connect thermal cycler includes a patented* O-ring seal (red in illustration) that forms an airtight barrier around the TEs, preventing exposure to condensation. This substantially lengthens the life of TEs and guarantees outstanding thermal performance.

* U.S. patent 7,051,536.


A System That Grows with Your Research

The flexibility of the CFX Connect™ real-time PCR detection system allows your setup to grow and evolve as your needs change. Adding more instruments to increase throughput is as easy as connecting a USB cable. CFX Manager™ software can independently run four instruments, including a combination of CFX Connect, CFX96 Touch™, and CFX384 Touch™ real-time instruments. You may start a run on one instrument while another is running a different experiment, or you can start the same experiment on all four instruments at once.

CFX Connect Connection 1

CFX Connect Connection 2

Excellent uniformity. IL-1β plasmid template diluted to 105 copies/reaction amplified in the presence of a FAM-labeled detection probe with iQ™ supermix. Graph shows 96 replicates of 10 µl reactions. Average quantification cycle (Cq) = 19.81 ± 0.10. RFU, relative fluorescence units.

Excellent linearity of duplex detection. A–B, fluorescence data from a series of tenfold dilutions of plasmid DNA (108–102 copies) amplified using reporter dyes to monitor two targets: , FAM/cyclophilin; , VIC/IL-1β. RFU, relative fluorescence units.

qbasePLUS Software

Biogazelle and Bio-Rad have teamed up to offer a powerful suite of tools that will speed up real-time PCR data analysis and accelerate discovery.

QbasePLUS Softare

Key features of qbasePLUS software:

  • Reliable validation — based on proven solutions for quality control, normalization, and inter-run calibration
  • Efficient data analysis — import and consolidate information from multiple runs and multiple instruments to quickly analyze your complete data set, and use a guided statistical wizard to determine significance
  • Streamlined publication submission — export an RDML file containing annotations, such as sample and assay information, to conform to the MIQE guidelines
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Plastics Compatibility Chart

Instrument Compatibility of PCR Plastic Consumables


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CFX96 Touch™, CFX96 Touch Deep Well™, CFX384
Touch™, and CFX Connect™ Systems
High-profile individual tubes   CFX96 Touch
Deep Well only
Low-profile tube strips  
48- and 96-Well Plates
Hard-Shell® low-profile 96-well semi-skirted PCR plates        
Hard-Shell high-profile 96-well semi-skirted PCR plates     CFX96 Touch
Deep Well only
Hard-Shell low-profile 96-well skirted PCR plates    
Multiplate™ high-profile unskirted PCR plates   CFX96 Touch
Deep Well only
Multiplate low-profile unskirted PCR plates  
iQ™ 96-well semi-skirted PCR plates      
384-Well Plates
Hard-Shell 384-well skirted PCR plates        
Lids and Adhesive Seals
Optical flat cap strips
Microseal® 'B' adhesive seals  
Microseal® ꞌCꞌ optical seals  
Heat Sealer and Optically Clear Heat Seal
PX1™ PCR plate sealer  
Optically clear heat seal  
qPCR Applications Guide
qPCR Applications Guide

The qPCR Applications Guide is a comprehensive source of information on real-time PCR. Complete with detailed information on optimizing, validating, and analyzing real-time PCR data, this technically focused applications guide is a resource for experienced researchers as well as those wanting to learn more about using real-time PCR for applications such as qPCR, RT-qPCR, genotyping, and GMO detection. This guidebook includes chapters that cover:

  • Key concepts of real-time PCR
  • Getting started — experimental design
  • Multiplexing considerations
  • Data analysis
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Genotyping allelic discrimination
  • GMO detection

This guidebook comes with an easy-to-review real-time PCR quick guide to use at the bench. The quick guide covers the fundamentals of qPCR, design, optimization, and data analysis of qPCR experiments.

Try out a CFX Real-Time PCR System in your laboratory.

CFX System

The CFX Connect Real-Time PCR Detection System offers two-target analysis, excellent thermal cycler specifications, and the same reliable performance as the CFX96 Touch™ Real-Time PCR Detection System. The system incorporates innovative optical technologies with powerful software to provide maximal reliability and efficiency for all your real-time PCR needs.

Key Features and Benefits

The CFX Connect Real-Time PCR Detection System offers:

  • Easy startup — obtain great results right away with factory-calibrated dyes, quick setup, and intuitive software
  • Effortless optimization — save time and reduce costs by optimizing assays in a single run using the thermal gradient
  • Powerful data analysis tools — quickly and accurately validate and analyze data with the advanced analysis modules of CFX Manager™ Software
  • Accelerated publication submission — include MIQE annotations and generate RDML files using Biogazelle's qbase+ Software
Chassis CFX Connect
Maximum ramp rate, °C/sec 5
Average ramp rate, °C/sec 3.3
Heating and cooling method Peltier
Lid, °C Heats up to 105
Range, °C 0–100
Accuracy, °C ±0.2 of programmed target at 90°C
Uniformity, °C ±0.4 well-to-well within 10 sec of arrival at 90°C
Operational range, °C 30–100
Programmable span, °C 1–24
Optical Detection  
Excitation 3 filtered LEDs
Detection 3 filtered photodiodes
Range of excitation/emission wavelengths, nm 450–580
Sensitivity Detects 1 copy of target sequence in human genomic DNA
Dynamic range 10 orders of magnitude
Scan Time  
All channels, sec 12
FAM/SYBR® Green only, sec 3
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8
Multiplex analysis Up to 2 targets per well
Licensed for real-time PCR Yes
Sample capacity, wells 96
Sample size, µl 1–50 (10–25 recommended)
Communication interface USB 2.0
Electrical approvals IEC, CE
Dimensions (W x L x H), cm/in 33 x 46 x 36/13 x 18 x 14
Weight, kg/lb 21/47

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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ("WEEE Directive")

This product contains electrical or electronic material. Learn more about Bio-Rad's EU Recycle Program

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ("WEEE Directive")

This product contains electrical or electronic material. Learn more about Bio-Rad's EU Recycle Program

CFX2 Real-Time PCR Detection System
CFX Connect™ Real-Time PCR Detection System with Starter Package

Two-color real-time PCR detection system, includes CFX Connect Thermal Cycler chassis, CFX Connect Optical Reaction Module, CFX Manager™ Software, qbase+ Software license, cables, reagents, consumables

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CFX Connect™ Real-Time PCR Detection System
CFX Connect™ Real-Time PCR Detection System

Two-color real-time PCR detection system, includes CFX Connect Thermal Cycler chassis, CFX Connect Optical Reaction Module, CFX Manager™ Software, qbase+ Software license, cables

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