Aurum™ Vacuum Manifold


The Aurum vacuum manifold serves as a vacuum purification platform for either 96-well plates or individual luer-ended spin columns, ensuring fast, high-quality sample preparation. The vacuum manifold streamlines sample purification, maintaining the handling simplicity associated with vacuum processing while sustaining optimal steady-state vacuum pressure. It is compatible with Bio-Rad's Aurum total RNA kits, the Aurum plasmid mini kit, and the Bio-Plex 200 suspension array system.

Features include:

  • Versatile manifold adaptable for 96-well plate and luer-ended spin column formats
  • Streamlined isolation setup
  • Allows processing of up to 18 mini columns at one time
  • Sustains optimal steady-state vacuum pressure
Aurum™ Vacuum Manifold

Vacuum-mediated nucleic acid purification platform for spin columns or 96-well plates, includes column adaptor plate and all necessary accessories

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