Aurum Serum Protein Mini Kit


The Aurum serum protein mini kit enables selective binding and simultaneous removal of both albumin and IgG from serum or plasma samples. These two proteins can mask the presence of many underlying smaller proteins that are similar in size, limiting the amount of serum that can be resolved on a 2-D gel or by other applications. The Aurum serum protein mini kit was specifically designed to maximize resolution of proteins of interest, greatly improving and supporting protein discovery and identification.

The Aurum serum protein mini kit:

  • Consists of Micro Bio-Spin columns filled with a mixture of Affi-Gel Blue and Affi-Gel protein A support
  • Easily and effectively removes albumin and IgG by affinity chromatography
  • Uses a quick and easy spin-column format
  • Provides eluted proteins ready for IEF analysis in less than 30 minutes


Because the Aurum serum protein mini kit utilizes Cibacron Blue technology, some nonspecific binding of other serum proteins may occur. However, this can add an extra dimension to your analysis. All proteins bound to the column can be resolved with a simple elution using ReadyPrep sequential extraction reagent 3.

Aurum Serum Protein Mini Kit

10-sample preparation kit for removal of albumin and IgG from serum/plasma, includes 10 each serum protein spin columns, 12 x 75 mm polystyrene tubes, column tips, 30 collection tubes, binding buffer

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