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PCR Tube Strip Compatibility
Tube Strip Comparison 0.2 ml PCR Tube Strips, Full-Height 0.2 ml PCR Tube Strips, Low-Profile
Catalog number TBS-xxxx, TBC-xxxx TLS-xxxx
Well height 20.75 mm 15.48 mm
PCR reaction volume 5–125 µl 5–125 µl
Maximum well volume 300 µl 200 µl
Thermal Cycler Compatibility
Bio-Rad C1000/S1000
Bio-Rad DNA Engine, DNA Engine Tetrad and Tetrad 2, DNA Engine Dyad, and Dyad Disciple
Bio-Rad iCycler and MyCycler  
Bio-Rad PTC-100
ABI 0.2ml tube cyclers (2720, 9700, Veriti, etc.)  
ABI 0.1ml tube cyclers (9800 Fast, Veriti Fast, etc.)  
Eppendorf Mastercycler series
Real-Time PCR Detection System Compatibility
Bio-Rad CFX96  
Bio-Rad iQ5, iCycler iQ, MyiQ  
Bio-Rad Chromo4
Bio-Rad DNA Engine Opticon and Opticon 2  
ABI regular systems (7300, 7500, 7900HT, etc.)  
ABI fast systems (7500 Fast, 7900HT Fast, StepOne, StepOnePlus, etc.)  
Eppendorf Mastercycler ep realplex
Stratagene Mx series  
Optical Guide

Well Color Effect on Signal Strength

Well color effect on signal strength

White well:

  • Increases fluorescent signal for maximizing detection sensitivity
  • Prevents fluorescent interference from adjacent wells or a contaminated cycler

Clear well:

  • Transparent wells for easy sample handling
  • Low signal variability for consistent results

Black well:

  • Lower signal strength for FP (fluorescence polarization) and other assays where reflected light must be minimized

Sealer Effect on Signal Strength

Sealer effect on signal strength

Optical flat cap strips:

  • Vapor-tight sealing for tube strips or 96-well plates
  • Suitable for PCR volumes >5 µl

Microseal® 'B' adhesive seals, optically clear:

  • A convenient sealing film for 96- or 384-well plates
  • Higher optical transmission than optical caps
  • Suitable for PCR volumes >10 µl

Clear Chill-out™ liquid wax:

  • No heated lid or lid pressure is required for PCR
  • Higher optical transmission than optical caps
  • Solidified below 10°C to prevent spilling and aerosol formation
High-Profile vs. Low-Profile


There are two common well heights for PCR tubes and plates:

  1. High-profile (full-height; around 20.7 mm) wells are “standard” and fit in most classical thermal cyclers and real-time PCR detection systems, such as Bio-Rad's iCycler®, iQ™ series real-time PCR detection systems, and Applied Biosystems' regular PCR systems and DNA sequencers.
  2. Low-profile (around 15.5 mm) wells are the newer design that reduces the potential for condensate formation and offers advantages for light capture in fluorescence assays, low-volume reactions, and fast PCR. They have been recommended for newer instruments such as Bio-Rad's C1000 Touch™ and S1000™ thermal cyclers, CFX series real-time PCR detection systems, and Applied Biosystems' fast PCR systems.

Instruments with adjustable lids can usually use both high-profile and low-profile wells. These instruments include Bio-Rad's 1000-series and DNA Engine® series thermal cyclers.

Full-height 0.2 ml thin-wall polypropylene PCR tube strips are recommended for reaction volumes of 5–125 µl (300 µl maximum). Full-height (20.75 mm) tubes fit in most thermal cyclers. Thin-wall 0.2 ml tubes can be centrifuged if supported in a 96-place PCR-tube rack, which is also useful for reaction setup and storage.

Available in strips of 8 or 12 for use in 48- and 96-well sample blocks, the tube strips can be ordered in a variety of colors. The tube strips are without caps and can be easily sealed with domed or flat cap strips; use the strip cap tool for quick seating of cap strips on tubes. Convenient packaging options combine tube strips and domed cap strips in resealable pouches; this option is available for natural-colored 8- and 12-tube strips.

Key Features

  • Tight sealing and convenient handling for multiple samples
  • DNase-, RNase-, and human DNA-free


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