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Bio-Rad Introduces Nuvia™ Q, An Ultra–High Binding Capacity Anion Exchanger for Biopharmaceutical Downstream Processing

Bio-Rad’s Nuvia Q ultra–high capacity anion exchanger is the best-in-class ion exchange media that is specifically designed to meet the need for robustness, high productivity, consistency, and selectivity in the purification of large volumes of drugs used in therapeutics.
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Free Sample of Nuvia S Cation Exchange Media

Nuvia S is an ultra high–capacity strong cation exchanger designed for optimal bioprocessing performance.
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Now Available: Chromatography Media Sampler Kits

Perfecting purification can require more than one choice of support, so Bio-Rad offers its most popular media in a variety of convenient sampler packs.
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Simultaneous Removal of Leached Protein A, Aggregates, DNA, and Endotoxin from mAbs

The recent dramatic increase in the number of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) entering biopharmaceutical product pipelines has created the need for highly efficient purification process development.
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CHT™ Ceramic Hydroxyapatite — A Unique Tool for mAb Purification

This webinar presents the most widely used purification applications and buffer protocols for CHT media.
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Free Webinar: What's in your mAb purification toolbox?

Free Webinar: What's in your mAb purification toolbox?
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Now available Bio-Scale™ Mini Apatite Purification Kit

CHT ceramic hydroxyapatite and CFT ceramic fluoroapatite have comparable biomolecule separation characteristics.
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Process Chromatography Applications Laboratory: A Service to the Biopharmaceutical Industry

Bio-Rad Laboratories welcomes you to our pilot-scale development laboratory for process chromatography.
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Purification of IgM Monoclonal Antibodies

Manufacturing challenges surround the use of IgM monoclonal antibodies, but these can be overcome with current technology.
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5th Conference on Hydroxyapatite and Related Products: CHT for Bioprocessing

Join us and many of the world's leading authorities at this international meeting to discuss new advances and applications in separation science.
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