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Bio-Rad celebrates the 1000th IH-1000 System Installation in the Field!

The IH-1000 system has revolutionized Immunohematology testing worldwide. After only four years since introduction and as a measure of its resounding success, we are delighted to announce the installation of the 1000th IH-1000 system!
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Bio-Rad and Inpeco Announce Agreement to Connect Bio-Rad Diagnostic Platforms to Inpeco’s Total Lab Automation System

Inpeco, a leading company in the field of laboratory automation, has entered into a development agreement to build interfaces between Bio-Rad’s clinical diagnostics platforms for diabetes, autoimmune disease, and infectious disease testing and Inpeco’s FlexLab™ 3.6 system.
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Liquichek Maternal Serum 1st Trimester Control

Bio-Rad announces the launch of Liquichek Maternal Serum 1st Trimester Control
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Bio-Rad Quality Controls Are Now Available in Dimension Vista Vials

Bio-Rad has announced a comprehensive line of multi-analyte quality controls now available in Siemens Dimension Vista® vials for use on Siemens Dimension Vista® Intelligent Lab Systems.
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Bio-Rad Laboratories launches the EQAS Blood Gas Program

Bio-Rad Laboratories announced the release of its External Quality Assurance Service (EQAS) Blood Gas Program
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Bio-Rad Laboratories launches the EQAS Coagulation Program

Bio-Rad Laboratories announced the release of External Quality Assurance Service (EQAS) Coagulation Program for clinical laboratories around the world.
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Bio-Rad Laboratories Expands Their EQAS Offering with Three New Programs

Bio-Rad Laboratories announces the release of three External Quality Assurance Service (EQAS®) Programs for clinical laboratories and near patient/POC settings around the world. The new programs are: Cardiac Markers, Ethanol/Ammonia, and Lipids.
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Bio-Rad Introduces EQAS Mobile

Bio-Rad Introduces EQAS Mobile, an Easy Way for Clinical Labs to Submit Proficiency Testing Results Using a Smartphone
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Bio-Rad Launches My eInserts™, the First Internet-Based Tool for Customizing QC Insert Data

Bio-Rad announces My eInserts™, a free Internet-based tool that will allow Bio-Rad’s quality control (QC) customers to customize and view their product inserts at any time. My eInserts offers Bio-Rad's QC customers the option to customize their QC product insert data by selecting only the analytes, units, instruments, and/or methods they need.
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Bio-Rad and Axis-Shield Announce FDA Clearance and U.S. Launch of an Anti-CCP Test for Rheumatoid Arthritis for Bio-Rad's BioPlex 2200 System

The assay, which runs on Bio-Rad's BioPlex® 2200 system, measures anti-CCP, a novel marker that has been shown to have superior specificity in the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.
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