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CHT™ Ceramic Hydroxyapatite

Many long paths can lead to purification success.

May we suggest a shortcut?

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Mixed-Mode Resins


(Good-bye limiting compromise.)

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Nuvia™ Ion Exchange Resin

Resolve to have it all.

High recovery and
best-in-class resolution

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See How Nuvia™ Chromatography Media Stacks Up

Binding of polyclonal human IgG by Nuvia S Media.

Comparison of Nuvia S and other commercially available CEX media.

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Product Categories

Ion Exchange Resins

Nuvia™ Ion Exchange Resins

Built on robust physical properties, high productivity, and selectivity to deliver high capacities

UNOsphere™ Anion Exchange Resins

A robust polymer, UNOsphere Q allows for high binding capacities at fast linear velocities

UNOsphere™ Cation Exchange Resins

Resin designed for high-efficiency capture of monoclonal antibodies from crude feedstreams

Macro-Prep® Anion Exchange Resins

High-capacity chromatographic resin for analytical, semipreparative, and process-scale applications

Macro-Prep® Cation Exchange Resins

Rigid, macroporous chromatographic resin for analytical, semipreparative, and process-scale applications

Analytical Grade Ion Exchange Resins

Purified resins sized to consistently give narrow wet mesh ranges for high resolution and reproducibility

Mixed-Mode Resins

Nuvia™ cPrime™ Media

Mixed-mode media designed for process-scale purification of therapeutic proteins

CHT™ Ceramic Hydroxyapatite and Crystalline Hydroxyapatite Resins

Calcium phosphate-based media offer unique selectivity and superior separation capacity

MPC™ Ceramic Hydroxyfluoroapatite Resin

CHT and CFT composite allows highly selective separation of contaminants during biomolecule purifications.

CFT™ Ceramic Fluoroapatite Resin

Rigid, spherical macroporous support used in the purification of biologically active compounds

Affinity Resins

Nuvia™ IMAC Metal Affinity Resin

Protein A Resins

Chromatographic affinity resin for different IgG purification needs

Profinity IMAC Resins

Chromatographic affinity media for different IgG purification needs

Profinity Exact™ Purification Resin

Chromatographic support for the purification of Profinity eXact fusion-tagged proteins with on-column tag cleavage

Activated Affinity Media

Chromatography supports activated for spontaneous ligand immobilization using different chemistries

Ready-to-Use Affinity Media

Base matrices are available with specific ligands already coupled to capture specific molecules

Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Resins

Macro-Prep® HIC Resins

Methacrylate-based beads for protein, polypeptide, enzyme, and nucleic acid purification

Bio-Beads™ SM-2 Resin

Resin useful for the adsorption of nonpolar substances or surface active agents from aqueous solutions

Size Exclusion Resins

Bio-Gel P Polyacrylamide Gel

For high-resolution gel filtration across a wide range of molecular weights

Bio-Beads™ S-X Resin

Neutral, porous styrene divinylbenzene beads for size exclusion chromatography of lipophilic polymers

Bio-Gel A Agarose Gel

Agarose beads medium with wide fractionation range, ideal for purification of antibodies and aggregates

Chromatography Resin Screening Tools

Foresight™ Prepacked Chromatography Filter Plates & Columns

Ready-to-use formats prepacked with Bio-Rad process chromatography resin to save development time

Resin Sampler Pack

Bio-Rad’s most popular resin offered in a convenient sampler pack to optimize your purification process

Bio-Scale™ Prepacked Mini Protein A Cartridges

Ready-to-use cartridges are designed for use with BioLogic systems or any chromatography system

Bio-Scale™ Prepacked Mini Multimodal Resin Cartridges

Cartridges prepacked with Bio-Rad’s CHT ceramic hydroxyapatite and CFT ceramic fluoroapatite resin

Process Columns and Hardware

Process-Scale Chromatography Columns

Designed for industrial applications including manufacturing of registered biotherapeutics and diagnostics

Process Chromatography Liquid Handling Systems

Customized process liquid handling systems allow different options to be integrated into a core platform

Process Hardware Components

Variety of accessories for process-scale columns to enhance ease of operation

Process Chromatography Resources

Find a variety of purification resources to support you at each phase of process development in the downstream purification of biotherapeutics.

Process Resins Library

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