NGC Discover Pro

NGC™ Discover™ Pro Systems for Pharma

  • Tandem purification streamlines target screening
  • Integrating automation and reliability
  • Stringent standards for regulatory requirements
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PCR Amplification
Digital PCR, Real-Time PCR Detection Systems, lncRNA RT-qPCR Workflow
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Cell Counting
TC20 Automated Cell Counter
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Fluorescent Western Blotting Antibodies
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Liquid Handling & Pipetting
EZ Micro and Standard Micro Test Tubes, Screwcap Micro Test Tubes
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Flow Cytometry
ZE5™ Cell Analyzer, Cell Sorting, Flow Cytometry Antibodies
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Chromatography Systems, Components, and Accessories
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Lipid Transfection, Electroporation, Biolistic Particle Delivery Systems
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Nucleic Acid Extraction & Purification
RNA Isolation, DNA Isolation, DNA Cleanup
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Electrophoresis and Blotting
Protein Electrophoresis and Blotting, Power Supplies
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Protein Sample Preparation
Magnetic Beads and Racks for Immunoprecipitation, Protein Extraction
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Imaging Systems & Software
Gel Imaging Systems, Spot Cutting, Image Analysis Software
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Protein Interaction Analysis
ProteOn™ XPR36 Protein Interaction Array System
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Bio-Plex® Multiplex Immunoassay System
Bio-Plex® Instruments
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Sample Quantitation
Protein Assay Kits and Cuvettes, Spectrophotometry, Fluorometry
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Microplate Systems
Microplate Readers, Model 1575 Immunowash Microplate Washer
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SELDI Technology
ProteinChip Arrays, ProteinChip Software, Reagents and Consumables
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Cell Imaging
ZOE™ Fluorescent Cell Imager, Nuclear Staining Dyes
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General Laboratory Equipment
Temperature Control Devices, Centrifuges, Mixing Devices
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