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Bio-Rad Quality Controls Now Available for Multiple Abbott Clinical Diagnostics Platforms

Bio-Rad announced expanded global access of the company’s quality controls across multiple Abbott clinical diagnostics platforms that now includes the Abbott Alinity ci-series instruments.


Inpeco and Bio-Rad Partner to Connect Total Lab Automation Solution and Smart HPLC Technology

Inpeco and Bio-Rad announced their partnership to connect the Inpeco FlexLab track and the D-100 System to provide high-volume laboratories improved operational efficiencies to meet the growing worldwide demand for diabetes testing.


Bio-Rad Launches Recombinant Luteinizing Hormone, Expanding its Critical Raw Materials Portfolio

Bio-Rad Launches Recombinant Luteinizing Hormone, Expanding its Critical Raw Materials Portfolio


Bio-Rad Receives FDA Clearance to Aid in Diagnosing Diabetes with its <nobr>D-10</nobr> Hemoglobin A1c Program

Bio-Rad Receives FDA Clearance to Aid in Diagnosing Diabetes with its D-10 Hemoglobin A1c Program


Bio-Rad Signs Agreement with VISIA Imaging for Fully-Automated IFA Slide Processing and Reading System

Bio-Rad Signs Agreement with VISIA Imaging for Fully-Automated IFA Slide Processing and Reading System


Bio-Rad Announces the Addition of Analytes for Liquichek Tumor Marker Control

Bio-Rad Announces the Addition of Analytes for Liquichek Tumor Marker Control


Bio-Rad Announces FDA Clearance of its BioPlex 2200 ToRC IgM Assay

The BioPlex 2200 ToRC IgM Assay is a fully automated assay for the detection of IgM class antibodies to <em>Toxoplasma gondii</em>, rubella, and cytomegalovirus (CMV) offered in a multiplexed panel.


Technical Support Update

Microsoft operating systems recently experienced a security vulnerability resulting from a widespread ransomware attack through Microsoft’s network environments on a global scale. Bio-Rad’s internal IT team has evaluated the technical details of the Microsoft security update and has approved the patch.


Bio-Rad Launches Amplichek STI

Bio-Rad Launches Amplichek STI, the Third in a Series of Quality Controls for the Molecular Diagnostics Testing Market


Bio-Rad Announces CE Marking of its BioPlex 2200 Syphilis Total & RPR Assay, a Novel Syphilis Testing Method

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. today announced CE IVD marking for its BioPlex 2200 Syphilis Total & RPR assay, a novel universal testing method to aid in the diagnosis of syphilis infection.


Bio-Rad Introduces its IH-1000 Blood Typing System for the U.S. Market

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. today announced that it has received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its IH-1000 blood typing instrument along with approvals for a wide range of associated gel cards and reagents for the U.S. blood typing market.


Amplichek I Quality Control

Bio-Rad Launches Amplichek I Quality Control, the Second in a Series of Controls for the Molecular Diagnostics Testing Market


Liquichek&trade; Maternal Serum II Control

Bio-Rad Announces the Release of Liquichek&trade; Maternal Serum II Control. The Multi-Constituent Control Offers Increased Efficiency and Confidence in Test Results.


Bio-Rad Announces CE IVD Marking of its QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System for Use as an In Vitro Diagnostic

Researchers can use the QX200 system for highly-accurate detection and quantification of nucleic acids, aiding clinical decision-making in the treatment of diseases ranging from cancer to transplant rejection and viral infection.


Bio-Rad Unveils Critical Raw Material Antigens for Diagnostic Uses

Bio-Rad announced the launch of human recombinant protein antigens, which expand the company’s critical raw material offering.


Bio-Rad Mission: Control™ Risk Management Software Launched at AACC in Atlanta

Helps Laboratories Identify Best QC Rules and Frequency to Assess Risk of Reporting Incorrect Test Results


New Lyphochek® Allergen sIgE Controls

Bio-Rad Releases New Lyphochek® Allergen sIgE Controls to Monitor Precision of In Vitro Allergy Test Procedures. Offering Cost Savings, Increased Efficiencies, and Less Waste


Bio-Rad celebrates the 1000th IH-1000 System Installation in the Field!

The IH-1000 system has revolutionized Immunohematology testing worldwide. After only four years since introduction and as a measure of its resounding success, we are delighted to announce the installation of the 1000th IH-1000 system!


Bio-Rad Quality Controls Are Now Available in Dimension Vista Vials

Bio-Rad has announced a comprehensive line of multi-analyte quality controls now available in Siemens Dimension Vista&reg; vials for use on Siemens Dimension Vista&reg; Intelligent Lab Systems.


Liquichek Maternal Serum 1st Trimester Control

Bio-Rad announces the launch of Liquichek Maternal Serum 1st Trimester Control


Bio-Rad and Inpeco Announce Agreement to Connect Bio-Rad Diagnostic Platforms to Inpeco&rsquo;s Total Lab Automation System

Inpeco, a leading company in the field of laboratory automation, has entered into a development agreement to build interfaces between Bio-Rad’s clinical diagnostics platforms for diabetes, autoimmune disease, and infectious disease testing and Inpeco&rsquo;s FlexLab™ 3.6 system.


Bio-Rad Laboratories Expands Their EQAS Offering with Three New Programs

Bio-Rad Laboratories announces the release of three External Quality Assurance Service (EQAS&reg;) Programs for clinical laboratories and near patient/POC settings around the world. The new programs are: Cardiac Markers, Ethanol/Ammonia, and Lipids.


Bio-Rad Introduces EQAS Mobile

Bio-Rad Introduces EQAS Mobile, an Easy Way for Clinical Labs to Submit Proficiency Testing Results Using a Smartphone


Bio-Rad Introduces Liquichek Whole Blood Immunosuppressant Control

This third party, human whole blood based product is designed for use as an assayed quality control material to monitor the precision of immunosuppressant drug testing procedures in the clinical laboratory. Its liquid formulation is suitable for use with immunoassay and chromatographic techniques.


Bio-Rad Launches My eInserts&trade;, the First Internet-Based Tool for Customizing QC Insert Data

Bio-Rad announces My eInserts&trade;, a free Internet-based tool that will allow Bio-Rad’s quality control (QC) customers to customize and view their product inserts at any time. My eInserts offers Bio-Rad's QC customers the option to customize their QC product insert data by selecting only the analytes, units, instruments, and/or methods they need.


Siemens and Bio-Rad Extend Joint Marketing Agreement for IMMULITE and Dimension Systems to Further Optimize Efficiency and Data Reliability

Agreement extends clinical laboratories’ access to Bio-Rad’s consistent control product and data management tools within the Siemens clinical laboratory systems portfolio which, until today, were only available through Siemens’ ADVIA<sup>&reg;</sup> Chemistry and ADVIA Centaur<sup>&reg;</sup> Immunoassay systems.


Bio-Rad and Axis-Shield Announce FDA Clearance and U.S. Launch of an Anti-CCP Test for Rheumatoid Arthritis for Bio-Rad's BioPlex 2200 System

The assay, which runs on Bio-Rad's BioPlex<sup>&reg;</sup> 2200 system, measures anti-CCP, a novel marker that has been shown to have superior specificity in the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.


Bio-Rad Introduces its IH 1000, an Automated Blood Screening System

The IH 1000 is a fully-automated, high-throughput system designed for the blood transfusion laboratory utilizing the industry accepted gold standard ID-System gel card technology.


Bio-Rad Launches a Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella-Zoster Virus IgG Kit for its BioPlex 2200 System

With the introduction of the BioPlex 2200 MMRV IgG kit, Bio-Rad offers a compelling menu for infectious disease serology and autoimmune testing laboratories.


Liquichek Opiate Control

BIO-RAD Introduces Liquichek Opiate Control.


Liquichek Hematology and Reticulocyte Controls (X)

BIO-RAD Introduces Liquichek Hematology and Reticulocyte Controls for Sysmex Hematology Instruments.


Liquichek Hematology and Reticulocyte Controls (A-I)

BIO-RAD Introduces Liquichek Hematology and Reticulocyte Controls for Abbott CELL-DYN Sapphire and CELL-DYN 4000 Instruments


Liquichek Hematology and Reticulocyte Controls (S)

BIO-RAD Introduces Liquichek Hematology and Reticulocyte Controls for Siemens ADVIA Instruments.


Bio-Rad Completes the Purchase of Certain Diagnostics Businesses of Biotest AG

Bio-Rad is pleased to expand its product offering in the area of immunohematology through the purchase of certain diagnostics businesses of Biotest AG.


MRSA<em>Select</em> - Rapid Screening of MRSA

Bio-Rad's chromogenic test for rapid screening of MRSA now offers faster interpretation time.


BioPlex 2200 Streamlines Vasculitis Testing

Novel automated multiplexing technology streamlines vasculitis testing, maximizes efficiency.


Lyphochek Whole Blood Immunosuppressant Control

Bio-Rad announces the release of Lyphochek Whole Blood Immunosuppressant Control.


Liquichek Microalbumin Control

Bio-Rad announces the launch of Liquichek Microalbumin Control for microalbumin testing.


Candi<em>Select</em> 4 Identifies Four Candida Species

Bio-Rad introduces a second chromogenic medium in the US for identification of four Candida species.


Liquichek Diabetes Control

Bio-Rad announces the launch of Liquichek Diabetes Control for monitoring Hemoglobin A1C tests.

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