Biotestcell Kpa #816027


Test erythrocytes for the identification of red cell antibodies.

Biotestcell-Kpa consists of Kpa-positive donor blood filled individually. The precise antigen profile of a batch is shown on a data sheet enclosed in the pack. Biotestcell-Kpa is also suitable for preparation with enzymes (papain, ficin, bromelin, trypsin etc.) or with supplements (albumin, LISS). The usable life of erythrocytes treated with enzymes can be found in the user instructions for the enzyme used.

Biotestcell-Kpa is suspended in modified Alsevers solution in a concentration of approximately 3%. It can be used immediately following careful resuspension.

Biotestcell-Kpa is used for the precise identification of irregular antibodies previously detected in an antibody search test with Biotestcell-P1, -P1 or Biotestcell-P3.

Biotestcell-Kpa is used in antibody identification to complement Biotestcell-I 8/I 11 in tube tests and in the Solidscreen II solid phase test and is suitable for all routine testing purposes.