Biotestcell-A1, -A2, -B, -O #816009


Human test erythrocytes for reverse typing.

The test erythrocytes ready for use are suspended in modified Alsevers solution in a concentration of approx. 4% and can be used immediately following careful resuspension.

Biotestcell™-A1, A2, B, O is supplied with the following antigen profile:
Biotestcell™-A1: A1 Rh positive (D positive) (CcD.Ee)
Biotestcell™-A2: A2 Rh negative (D negative) (ccddee)
Biotestcell™-B: B Rh negative (D negative) (ccddee)
Biotestcell™-0: 0 Rh positive (D positive) (CcD.Ee)

Biotestcell™-A1, Biotestcell™-A2, Biotestcell™-B, Biotestcell™-O are used to detect properties of the serum when blood grouping in slide, tile or tube tests.