Seraclone Anti-Cw (RH8) #802155


For the detection of red cell antigens C, c, E, e, Cw.

Seraclone™ Anti-C (RH2), Anti-c (RH4), Anti-E (RH3), Anti-e (RH5), Anti-Cw (RH8) and Seraclone™ (2) Anti-C (RH2), Anti-c (RH4), Anti-E (RH3), Anti-e (RH5) contain human monoclonal antibodies of immunoglobulin class IgM as their reactive component. They are obtained from the cell culture supernatant and display the constant specificity and reproducibility typical of monoclonal antibodies.

Seraclone™ Anti-C (RH2) Clone MS24
Seraclone™ Anti-c (RH4) Clone MS33
Seraclone™ Anti-E (RH3) Clones MS258/906
Seraclone™ Anti-e (RH5) Clones MS16/MS21/MS63
Seraclone™ Anti-Cw (RH8) Clone MS110
Seraclone™ (2) Anti-C (RH2) Clones MS273/P3x25513G8
Seraclone™ (2) Anti-c (RH4) Clones MS35
Seraclone™ (2) Anti-E (RH3) Clones MS260/MS12
Seraclone™ (2) Anti-e (RH5) Clones MS62/MS69/BS260


  • Seraclone™ and Seraclone™ (2) Anti-C (RH2), Seraclone™ Anti-c (RH4), Seraclone™ Anti-E (RH3), Seraclone™ Anti-e (RH5) are suitable for the Directive-compliant determination of the Rh antigens C, c, E and e with two different solid reagents in each instance.
  • Seraclone™ and Seraclone™ (2) Anti-C (RH2), Anti-c (RH4), Anti-E (RH3), Anti-e (RH5) and Seraclone™ Anti-Cw (RH8) can be used in slide, tile and tube tests.
  • A determination in a test tube is recommended to detect weak antigens.
  • Seraclone™ Anti-E (RH3) reacts with antigen Ew.