Seraclone Anti-D (RH1) Blend #802032


For the detection of red cell antigen D.

Seraclone™ Anti-D (RH1) Blend contains human monoclonal antibodies of immunoglobulin classes IgG (Clone BS221 and H41 11B7) and IgM (Clone BS232) as its reactive components. They are obtained from the cell culture supernatant and display the constant specificity and reproducibility typical of monoclonal antibodies.

Seraclone™ Anti-D (RH1) Blend:
  Clones BS221 and H41 11B7 (IgG)
  Clone BS232 (IgM)


  • The clone mixture Seraclone™ Anti-D (RH1) Blend combines the strongly agglutinating action of the IgM molecule with the option of being able to conduct the indirect antihuman globulin test as well due to the IgG component in the reagent (detection of weak or only partially positive Rhesus D antigen).
  • Seraclone™ Anti-D (RH1) Blend is used in tile, slide and tube tests.
  • In general, a determination in a test tube is recommended to detect weak D antigens.