Seraclone Anti-B #801350


For the detection of A,B,O blood group antigens.

Seraclone™ Anti-A, -B and -AB contain monoclonal antibodies of immunoglobulin class IgM as their reactive component. They are obtained from the cell culture supernatant of hybridoma cell lines derived from the fusion of antibody-producing murine B lymphocytes with murine myeloma cells. They display the constant specificity and reproducibility typical of monoclonal antibodies.

Seraclone™ Anti-A Clone A003
Seraclone™ Anti-B Clone B005
Seraclone™ Anti-AB Clones BS 63/BS 85


  • The monoclonal antibodies in Seraclone™ Anti-A, -B and -AB agglutinate in a saline milieu and are reactive at room temperature.
  • Seraclone™ Anti-A, -B and -AB are used in slide, tile and tube tests.
  • Seraclone™ Anti-A, -B, -AB do not react with cryptantigens (T-, Tn-, Tk-activated cells).
  • Seraclone™ Anti B react correctly negative in the presence of acquired B antigens.