(Discontinued) Bio-Rad Prep Station Configuration 1 #7393810


Prep station, includes pivoting table, components for media transfer, column lifting, controlling column motorization, re-slurrying, and cleaning of InPlace™ column, wireless tablet PC with software

This product is no longer available. Please contact technical support for more information on replacement product.


The Bio-Rad process chromatography station 00 includes Bio-Rad's process skid 00, the industry's first compact skid designed for small-scale GMP biopharmaceutical manufacturing. It also incorporates one of Bio-Rad's process chromatography columns (Bio-Rad® InPlace™ or Bio-Rad® EasyPack™ column) and Bio-Rad's new prep station, which enables media transfer and column lifting. This compact design can be scalable to larger skids.

Process engineers can simplify column preparation from slurry transfer to unpacking and cleaning by choosing either a preprogrammed or manual method for all functions of the process chromatography column and process skid 00. This enables customers to completely automate these processes with reproducible and traceable results.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Automated preprogrammed methods
  • Station is interchangeable with multiple columns ranging in diameter from 10 to 30 cm with flow rates from 5 to 120 L/hr
  • Benchtop process skid 00, prep station, and process column are integrated into a single footprint
  • Industrial wireless tablet PC enables control from outside the cleanroom for added convenience and flexibility

Bio-Rad Process Chromatography Skid 00

  • Catalog #739-3006, skid, 5–120 L/hr flow rate, 0.2 L bubble trap, for use with process chromatography columns

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