BioPlex® 2200 EBV IgM Reagent Pack #665-1350

BioPlex<sup>®</sup> 2200 EBV IgM Reagent Pack

Reagents for 100 tests for clinically relevant IgM antibodies to Epstein-Barr virus on BioPlex® 2200 System; aids in diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis

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665-1350-MSDS BioPlex 2200 System EBV IgM Reagent Pack English

BioPlex 2200 EBV IgM Reagent Pack contains all the reagents necessary to perform multiplexed EBV IgM assays. Enough ready to use reagents to automatically process 100 patient samples or 200 reportable results. Delivers up to 2 individual reportable results per patient sample. Packs include individual bottles containing beads, conjugate, and sample diluent. Stored at 2–8° C. Contains 3 Internal Quality beads (IQ beads): the Serum Verification Bead, Internal Standard Bead, and the Reagent Blank Bead.