BioPlex® 2200 EBV IgG Control Set #663-1230

BioPlex<sup>®</sup> 2200 EBV IgG Control Set

Set of multiplexed negative and multianalyte positive controls for Epstein-Barr virus screening based on IgG antibodies on BioPlex® 2200 System

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663-1230-MSDS BioPlex® 2200 EBV IgG Control Set English

The BioPlex 2200 EBV IgG Control Set is intended for use as an assayed quality control to monitor the overall performance of the BioPlex 2200 Instrument and BioPlex 2200 EBV IgG Reagent Pack in the clinical laboratory. Includes 2 vials each of positive and negative multi-constituent controls. Contains enough ready to use control sets to allow up to 4 months of routine multiplexed QC runs. Open vial stability up to 2 months, tightly capped.