RAPID'Listeria spp. Agar Base, dehydrated #3564744

RAPID'Listeria spp. Agar Base #356-4744

Pkg of 1, 500 g of dehydrated agar base

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Assay type Chromogenic media
Organism Listeria
Number Description Options
356-4744-MSDS RAPID'Listeria spp English

Use RAPID'Listeria spp. Agar Base with the addition of RAPID'Listeria spp. Supplements 1 and 2 for the detection and enumeration of all Listeria spp. in food products and environmental samples. Identification using RAPID'Listeria spp. Medium is based on the chromogenic detection of β-D-glucosidase (β-gal) activity. The medium contains lithium chloride and an antibiotic mixture for selectivity.

Features and Benefits

  • Listeria colonies are bluish-green
  • If no Listeria colonies are observed, it may be concluded that Listeria monocytogenes is absent
  • Enumerate Listeria 24 hr after enrichment
  • Results can be confirmed on RAPID'L.mono Medium or Palcam Agar Plates
  • Use to confirm positive tests such as iQ-Check® Listeria spp. Real-Time PCR Tests


Certified NF VALIDATION according to the ISO 16140 standard and validated by the AOAC.

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