Bio-Plex Pro™ Human MMP-3 Singleplex Set #171BM003M

Bio-Plex Pro Human MMP-3 Singleplex Set

1 x 96-well, includes magnetic capture beads and detection antibodies, for the detection of MMP-3

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Use the Bio-Plex Pro human MMP-3 singleplex set for the detection and quantification of MMP-3 (matrix metalloproteinase-3) from human biological samples.

For use with the following sample types:

  • Human serum
  • Human plasma
  • Cell culture supernatant

Benefits of the Human MMP-3 Singleplex Set

  • Simplified assay processing with magnetic bead–based workflow to enable automation
  • Flexible configurations — create custom assays by combining multiple analytes from the MMP panel and pairing them with a reagent kit and standard

Kit Components

  • Coupled 6.5 µm magnetic beads
  • Detection antibodies

Additional Reagents Required

Singleplex assays require reagent kit III (171-304090M) and a vial of standards (171-DM0001).

Other Assay Formats Available

Instrument Compatibility

More Information

To learn more about performance characteristics or how to set up your MMP and TIMP assays for optimal performance and sensitivity, refer to the documents listed below:

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