Bio-Plex Manager™ MP Software Upgrade #171051555


Includes Bio-Plex Manager MP software, Bio-Plex Manager 6.1 software, probe height adjustment plate, Getting Started Guide, and Upgrade Quick Guide

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Use the Bio-Plex Manager MP software upgrade on MAGPIX readers purchased from other Luminex partners.

Take advantage of automated instrument management and other software features:

  • Automatic loading of recommended start-of-day maintenance routines based on current instrument status
  • Performance monitoring during data acquisition alerts the user to performance issues and loads recommended maintenance to resolve issues
  • Simple step-wise troubleshooting

Benefits of the Bio-Plex Manager MP Software Upgrade

  • Detection and resolution of performance issues ensures data quality
  • Confidence in proper instrument maintenance leads to confidence in results
  • Highest quality results maximize the value of your experiments
  • Simple integration with Bio-Plex® analysis software to quickly assemble and understand your data
  • Simple interface and built-in guidance enable a user of any experience level to easily run the Bio-Plex® MAGPIX™ multiplex reader

Components of the Bio-Plex Manager MP Software Upgrade

  • Bio-Plex Manager MP software
  • Bio-Plex Manager software
  • Probe height adjustment plate
  • Getting started guide
  • Upgrade quick guide

Bio-Plex Manager MP and Bio-Plex Manager 6.1 are included with the Bio-Plex MAGPIX reader.

Instrument Compatibility

More Information

To learn more about the Bio-Plex Manager MP software upgrade, refer to the documents listed below:

Visit the Bio-Plex software resource page for the latest software updates, information, and standard lot values.