(Discontinued) Quantity One® 1-D Analysis Software #1709600


1-user license, PC or Mac, image acquisition and analysis software for use with Bio-Rad imaging systems

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Use Quantity One 1-D Analysis Software for imaging and analyzing 1-D electrophoresis gels, dot blots, arrays, and colonies.

Quantity One can be used to image and analyze a wide variety of biological data, including radioactive, chemiluminescent, fluorescent, and color-stained samples acquired from densitometers, phosphor imagers, fluorescent imagers, and gel documentation systems.

Compatible with the following Bio-Rad imaging systems and other computer-controlled systems:

  • EXQuest™ Spot Cutter
  • Gel Doc™ 2000 Imager
  • ChemiDoc™ and ChemiDoc XRS Imaging Systems
  • GS-700/710 and GS-800™ Densitometers
  • Fluor-S and Fluor-S MAX MultiImagers
  • Personal Molecular Imager FX™, FX Pro, and FX Pro Plus Imaging Systems
  • VersaDoc™ Imaging System

For more information, see the Quantity One Software product page.

Configuration Options

Quantity One Software Version Catalog Number
1-User Workstation License 1709600
1-User Network License 1709601
10-User Network License 1709606
Add 1 User to Network License 1709608
Quantity One CFR Module 1709615

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