Trans-Blot Cell With Plate Electrodes and Super Cooling Coil #1703939

Trans-Blot Cell With Plate Electrodes and Super Cooling Coil #170-3939

Transfer cell and cooling coil (#170-3912), includes 2 gel holder cassettes, buffer tank, lid with cables, foam pads, 1 pack blot paper (15 x 20 cm)

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Maximum gel size (W x L), cm 16 x 20
Buffer requirement, L 2.5
Gel capacity 12 mini handcast gels, 12 Ready Gel® precast gels, 6 Criterion™ precast gels, 3 PROTEAN® II xi handcast gels
Dimensions (W x L x H), cm 18 x 9.5 x 24
Includes super cooling coil Yes

The Trans-Blot® transfer cell is a versatile apparatus ideal for a wide variety of blotting applications. It is capable of multiple transfers that accommodate up to 3 PROTEAN II xi gels, 6 Criterion gels, or 12 Mini-PROTEAN precast or handcast gels. The cell accommodates two color-coded cassettes to ensure proper orientation in the cell. The Trans-Blot transfer cell includes a buffer tank with plate electrodes, lid with power cables, two gel holder cassettes, one pack of precut absorbent filter paper (15 x 20 cm), four foam pads, and a super cooling coil (catalog #170-3912).