Extra Thick Blot Paper #170-3969


Material type Filter paper
Thickness Extra thick (2.45 mm)
Format Precut filter paper
Dimensions, cm 19 x 18.5

This package of Bio-Rad extra thick blot absorbent filter paper contains 30 sheets of 19 x 18.5 cm precut filter paper, which fit PROTEAN® II XL gels. This extra thick blot paper is used in semi-dry transfers using the Trans-Blot® SD semi-dry or Trans-Blot transfer cell.

Bio-Rad blot absorbent filter papers are used in blotting applications as part of the gel, membrane, and filter paper stack or sandwich.


These blot absorbent filter papers are:

  • made of 100% cotton fiber
  • produced using ultrapure water and contain no additives
  • suitable for use with alcohol and other organic solvents
  • provide a uniform flow of buffer through the gel to the transfer membrane in a blotting sandwich