Transformation Reagent Refill Kit #1660555EDU

Transformation Reagent Refill Kit #166-0555EDU

Consumable reagents for use with pGLO bacterial transformation kit (#166-0003EDU), includes pGLO plasmid, E. coli, nutrient broth, transformation solution, ampicillin, arabinose; education use only

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Refill kit contains sufficient consumables for 8 student workstations (2—4 students per workstation)  
pGLO™ plasmid, lyophilized, 20 µg 1
E. coli strain HB101 K-12, lyophilized 1
LB nutrient broth, sterile, 10 ml 1
Ampicillin, lyophilized, 30 mg 1
Arabinose, lyophilized, 600 mg 1
Transformation solution, (CaCl2), sterile, 15 ml 1
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166-0555-MSDS Transformation Reagent Refill Kit English

The Transformation Reagent Refill Kit contains consumable reagents for use with the pGLO™ Bacterial Transformation Kit (#166-0003EDU): pGLO Plasmid, E. coli, nutrient broth, transformation solution, ampicillin, and arabinose. Materials are sufficient for eight workstations. This product is for education use only.