Gene Pulser Xcell™ Eukaryotic System #1652661


100/240 V, 50/60 Hz, electroporator, includes main unit, CE module for exponential-decay or square-wave pulses, shocking chamber,
5 x 0.4 cm sterile electroporation cuvettes, cuvette rack

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Waveform Exponential or square
Voltage, V 10–3,000
Capacitance, µF 10–500 V: 25–3,275 µF in 25 µF increments; 500–3,000 V: 10, 25, 50 µF
Sample resistance, Ω 20 Ω minimum at 10–2,500 V; 600 Ω minimum at 2,500–3,000 V
Square-wave timing 10–500 V: 0.05–10 ms in 0.05 ms increments, 10–100 ms pulse in 1 ms increments, 1–10 pulses, 0.1–10 sec interval; 500–3,000 V: 0.05–5 ms in 0.05 ms increments, 1–2 pulses, 5 sec minimum interval
Dimensions (W x D x H), cm Main unit: 31 x 30 x 14; CE module: 31 x 28 x 9
Weight, kg Main unit: 6.6; CE module: 3.1

The Gene Pulser Xcell eukaryotic system is recommended for electroporation of most eukaryotic cells, including mammalian cells and plant protoplasts. The Gene Pulser Xcell eukaryotic electroporation system includes the main unit, the capacitance extender, or CE, ShockPod™ cuvette chamber, 5 x 0.4 cm sterile electroporation cuvettes, and cuvette rack.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Universal electroporator capable of transfecting all cell types
  • Compatible with any electroporation buffer, including Bio-Rad's Gene Pulser® electroporation buffer
  • Preset protocols for most popular mammalian cell types
  • Flexible manual programming
  • Extensive collection of transfection protocols —