Nitrocellulose Membrane #162-0115

Nitrocellulose Membrane #162-0115

Pkg of 1 roll, 0.45 μm, 30 cm x 3.5 m, bulk blotting membrane for proteins and nucleic acids; can be used for custom sizing

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Material type Nitrocellulose
Pore size, µm 0.45
Format Roll
Dimensions, cm 30 x 3,500
Number Description Options
162-0114-MSDS Trans-Blot® Transfer Medium 0.45 micron English
162-0112-MSDS Trans-Blot® Transfer Medium 0.2, 0.45 micron English

This Bio-Rad nitrocellulose membrane package contains a 30 cm wide, 3.5 m long bulk roll. The pore size is 0.45 µm.

Bio-Rad's nitrocellulose membrane is pure, dense nitrocellulose, a proven medium for protein transfer, ssDNA transfer, and RNA transfer. The 0.45 µm pore size is recommended for most analytical blotting, including western blots, northern blots, and Southern blots.