Nuvia™ HR-S Media, 25 ml #1560511


Number Description Options
156-0511-MSDS Nuvia HR-S Cation Exchange Media English

Use Nuvia HR-S media for challenging separations of closely related molecules such as proteins, nucleic acids, viruses, plasmids, and other macromolecules.

This cation exchanger allows users to:

  • Obtain purer product from sharper elution profiles
  • Achieve higher yields, reducing cost of goods
  • Maintain robustness through consistent results even with variable initial feed conditions
  • Benefit from chemical stability that withstands repetitive clean-in-place cycles
  • Obtain full support for regulatory submission

Available Formats

Bio-Rad offers Nuvia HR-S media in formats of 25 ml (156-0511), 100 ml (156-0513), 500 ml (156-0515), and 10 L (156-0517).