Profinity™ Epoxide Resin, 25 g #1560201


25 g, activated affinity chromatography support for immobilization of biomolecules

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Functional group Epoxy
Form Powder, 1 g hydrates to 5.5–8 ml
Particle size 45–90 μm (mean 60 μm)
Functional groups 50–132 µmol/g resin
Maximum operating pressure 80 psi (5.5 bar)
Recommended flow rate ≤600 cm/hr at 25°C
Operating temperature range 4–40°C
Autoclavability (121°C, 30 min) Yes (in 0.1 M sodium acetate)
Storage 4°C or ambient
Shelf life ≥1 year at ambient temperature
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156-0200-MSDS Profinity™ Epoxide Resin English

Choose activated Profinity Epoxide Resin for covalent coupling of ligands to a macroporous support that permits high flow rates. This resin can be used with batch protocols, spin columns or on gravity, low-pressure, and medium-pressure chromatography systems.

  • Couples molecules that contain nucleophiles such as amino, thiol and hydroxyl groups
  • Beads have open pore structure permitting the coupling of large ligands and purification of large molecules and complexes including antibodies
  • Stable across a wide pH range (1–14)
  • 1 g powder produces 5.5–8.0 ml of settled bed

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Profinity Epoxide Resin is also available in a 5 g package (1560200)

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