xMark™ Microplate Absorbance Spectrophotometer


With its unique imaging capabilities, monochromator design, and spectral scanning feature (which eliminates the need for filters), the xMark™ microplate absorbance spectrophotometer can find the best wavelength within a broad range for any photometric application. The xMark spectrophotometer is also flexible enough to read all standard microplates, from 6- to 1,536-well formats. Using Microplate Manager® software, the xMark spectrophotometer can perform a wide range of end-point and kinetic applications with spectral scanning within low UV to infrared wavelengths. Extensive data analysis includes comprehensive curve-fit models and automated data export in single-plate or batch formats. Benefits include:

  • Monochromator-based system for maximum optical efficiency and flexibility in photometry reading
  • Spectral scanning to define the best absorbance wavelength for assays
  • Imaging capabilities for pixel intensity data in a single well or entire plate
  • Ability to scan custom plates
  • Flexible control and data analysis with PC or Mac software
  • Incubator with programmable temperature control
Wavelength range 200–1,000 nm
Photometric methods Single and dual wavelength
Monochromator step size 1 nm
Bandwidth 5 nm
Wavelength accuracy, minimum ±2.0 nm
Wavelength repeatability ±0.2 nm
Imaging resolution  0.5, 0.75, 1.0 mm 
Indication range 0–4.0 OD
Resolution 0.001 OD
Linearity  ≤2.0%, 0–3.0 OD at 405 nm 
Accuracy ±1.0% or 0.015, 0–3.0 OD
Reproducibility 96-well plate; ≤1.0% or 0.005, 0–3.0 OD at 405 nm
Stability and drift ≤0.010 at OD = 1 at 490 nm
Read time 8 sec/96-well/single wavelength; 15 sec/384-well/single wavelength; 35 sec/1,536-well/single wavelength
Compatible plates  6- to 1,536-well and custom microplates 
Maximum plate height  21 mm 
xMark™ Microplate Absorbance Spectrophotometer
xMark™ Microplate Absorbance Spectrophotometer

PC or Mac, includes built-in incubator, plate shaker, Microplate Manager® 6 software (#168-9520), USB2 cable

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