Evolis 5°C Microplate System



Key Benefits
  • ELISA plate processing
  • Complete traceability and safety
  • Improved laboratory workflow

The Evolis™ 5°C microplate system is a fully automated ELISA processor intended for TSE screening and veterinary testing (for example, Platelia™ rabies II kit). The instrument is suitable for low-to-high throughput laboratories.

ELISA Plate Processing

The instrument consists of several built-in modules that process the key steps of an enzyme immunoassay (EIA), from sample preparation to interpretation of optical density (OD) results. Components include:

  • Pipettor used for diluting and/or dispensing samples and reagents
  • Incubation slots preset at 5°C, room temperature, or 37°C
  • 8-channel manifold washer
  • Microplate reader

The Evolis 5°C microplate system has the capacity to run up to 4 plates simultaneously.

Complete Traceability and Safety

  • Positive identification of samples, reagents, and controls is performed via the internal barcode reader
  • Full traceability of reagents, samples, and associated events is ensured by the Evolis data management software (EDMS)
  • Use of disposable tips prevents sample contamination
  • Liquid levels are checked and presence of possible clots detected

Improved Laboratory Workflow

The Evolis 5°C microplate system streamlines the laboratory workflow by allowing:

  • Two-way connectivity to the laboratory information management System (LIMS)
  • Connectivity to the TeSeE NSP system through Morpheus™ software