Ready-Prep %CDT by HPLC™

Ready-Prep %CDT by HPLC™

The Bio-Rad Ready-Prep %CDT by HPLC™ kit is designed for reliable, fast and easy determination of %CDT in human serum. Useful for routine screening and confirmatory testing, this assay features rapid, convenient sample preparation, detection of genetic transferrin variants and excellent correlation with a reference method for HPLC. The sample preparation reagents are provided in a premixed, ready-to-use, liquid form, now five individual reagents are replaced by one. In addition, no reagent mixing procedure before each test run required. Two kit configurations will allow for testing of 100 or 300 samples: The 100 test kit will include 100 already pre-filled Ready-Prep vials, and the 300 test kit will include a pre-mixed Ready-Prep Reagent bottle for use with either manual or automated dispensing procedures.

To assist laboratories in standardization, a two-level calibrator set and two-level control set are now available. A new, fast method that more than doubles the hourly throughput is available to customers using modular HPLC equipment.

Currently, CDT (carbohydrate deficient transferrin) is the most specific biochemical marker for the detection of alcohol abuse, and for monitoring abstinence during treatment. Daily consumption of 50 - 80 grams ethanol for one week or longer results in elevated levels of %CDT. The %CDT by HPLC kit measures the relative amounts of single transferrin isoforms (e.g. disialotransferrin) to total transferrin.

Test characteristics:

  • Principle: Gradient HPLC method (Anion-exchange)
  • Duration of the chromatography: 10 min (Standard method) / 4.5 min (Fast method)
  • Sample volume: 150 µL serum or plasma
  • Flow rate: 1.4 mL/min (Standard method) / 2.6 mL/min (Fast method)
  • UV Detection: 460 nm

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