RAPID'E.coli 2 Medium



Key Benefits
  • Simultaneous enumeration of E.coli and coliforms at 37°C without further confirmation
  • Enumeration of E.coli at 44°C without further confirmation
  • Complete results in 18–24 hr
  • Gas production not necessary for differentiation of colonies



Validated and Adapted for Food Detection


The RAPID'E.coli 2 method is certified by the AFNOR certification according to the ISO 16140 requirements (No BRD 07/1-07/93 and NoBRD 07/7-12/04) and AOAC-RI validated (No050601).

Nordval Validation Ref No020.

Intended Use

RAPID’E.coli 2™ medium is a selective chromogenic agar used for direct enumeration, without confirmation of colonies, of Escherichia coli and other coliforms in food products and environmental samples (depth method).

High Specificity

The medium is based on simultaneous detection of

  • β-D-Glucuronidase (β GLUC)
  • β-D-Galactosidase (β GAL)

E.coli (GAL+/GLUC+) forms violet to pink colonies; other coliforms (GAL+/GLUC–) form blue to green colonies. Detection of GLUC confers a high specificity to the culture medium. E. coli is one of the only species of Enterobacteriaceae to possess this enzyme.

Most interfering flora are inhibited, especially at 44°C, giving the medium high specificity.

Two Easy Protocols

  • A single layer and a single plate per dilution for enumeration of E.coli at 44°C
  • Enumeration of E.coli and coliforms at 37°C with a single layer on the same plate
Assay type Chromogenic media
Organism E. coli.coliforms.
RAPID'E.coli 2 Agar, ready to use #355-5299
RAPID'E.coli 2 Agar, ready to use

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RAPID'E.coli 2 Agar, dehydrated #356-4024
RAPID'E.coli 2 Agar, dehydrated

500 g

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