PDS-1000 / He™ and Hepta™ Systems



Bombardment Parameters
Cell Type Vacuum
(inches Hg)
Bacteria 29 6 1,100 M–5 tungsten
Yeast 28 6 1,300 0.6 µm gold
Algae 29 6 1,300 0.6 µm gold
  Embryos 28 6 1,300 1.0 µm gold
  Callus or
  cell cultures
28 9 1,100 1.0 µm gold
Subcellular organelles 28 6 1,300 0.6 µm gold
15 3 1,100 1.6 µm gold
25 9 1,100 1.6 µm gold

We recommend these settings for bombardment of a variety of cell types. Many factors affect bombardment efficiency, but most users will find it sufficient to optimize the major variables individually, then test their interactions on a limited scale.

Biolistic Applications
Transformation Factors Helios Gene Gun System PDS-1000/He System
Experimental conditions In situ, in vitro
In vivo, ex vivo
In vitro, ex vivo
in vivo (plants)
Target area Small (2 cm2) Large (40 cm2)
Pressure range 100–600 psi 450–2,200 psi
Target type Animals: Any tissue exposed to barrel (skin, organs); cell, explant, and organ culture
Plants: Field and greenhouse use, plant cell culture, explants
Yeast, bacteria, other microbes
Animals: Cell and organ culture
Plants: Small intact plants, plant cell culture, explants
Yeast, bacteria, other microbes
Organelles (chloroplasts, mitochondria, etc.)
Schematic of Sample Delivery

Transfection Protocol Library

The Transfection Protocol Online Library contains protocols obtained from the literature, developed by Bio-Rad scientists, or submitted by scientists like you. browse protocols to view our library and find your starting point.

Bio-Rad Laboratories has helped scientists deliver molecules into cells for over 35 years. Instruments, including the Gene Pulser® series of electroporators, the MicroPulser electroporator, and the Helios® gene gun and PDS-1000/He biolistic systems, have been used successfully to transfect prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, including plant and animal cells. These transfection instruments are cited extensively in the literature. Our chemically mediated methods include lipid-based transfection reagents — TransFectin lipid reagent for delivery of plasmid DNA and siLentFect lipid reagent for siRNA delivery.

PDS-1000/He™ System

The PDS-1000/He system accelerates nucleic acid–coated gold or tungsten microparticles (0.6–1.6 µm) to velocities necessary to transfect cells, tissues, or organelles. The system uses a burst of high-pressure helium gas to accelerate a plastic macrocarrier disk carrying microparticles toward target cells.

The helium pressure used to propel the macrocarrier is determined by the choice of rupture disk, a plastic seal designed to burst at a specific pressure. A stopping screen retains the macrocarrier while allowing the microparticles to pass through and penetrate the target cells. To increase the efficiency of the process, the chamber may be evacuated to subatmospheric pressures, reducing the frictional drag on the microparticles as they travel toward the target cells

Key Features

  • A reproducible method for transforming intact cells in culture, requiring little manipulation of cells
  • Transformation of cells with unique growth requirements that are not amenable to other methods of transfection
  • Maximum control
  • High reproducibility

PDS-1000/He System with Hepta™ Adaptor

The Hepta adaptor for the PDS-1000/He biolistic system enables 7–10 times more cells to be transformed than the standard system. It fits into the shocking chamber of the PDS-1000/He system where it splits the helium shock wave over seven macrocarriers. By uniformly spreading the DNA-coated gold or tungsten particles over this larger area, the system maximizes the number of cells transformed during one bombardment. As the helium is split seven ways, pressure and particle velocities are reduced, making the system ideal for plants and cell cultures requiring less forceful penetration.

PDS-1000 / He™ and Hepta™ Training Video. This video provides an overview of the PDS-1000 / He™ and Hepta™ Biolistic Particle Transfection Systems, including instrument setup, consumable preparation, instrument operation and shut down.

Dimensions (W x D x H) 29 x 25.5 x 47.5 cm
Construction Aluminum, ABS plastic, and acrylic chassis
Weight 15 kg
Electrical input voltage 100–120 VAC, 50–60 Hz
Maximum current <5 A
Fuse 6.3 A, 250 V, 5 x 20 mm
Vacuum <0.4 inches mercury/min leakage
Overpressure 0.5 psi relief valve, self-resetting
Operating Temperature: 0–35°C (32–95°F)
Humidity: 0–95% noncondensing
Storage Temperature: 0–70°C (32–158°F)
Humidity: 0–95% noncondensing

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PDS-1000/He System

100/120 V, biolistic transformation system, includes helium pressure regulator, solenoid, spacer rods, microcarrier launch assembly, target shelf, 5 macrocarrier holders, tubing

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PDS-1000/He Hepta System

100/120 V, biolistic transformation system, includes Hepta adaptor, helium pressure regulator, solenoid, spacer rods, microcarrier launch assembly, target shelf, 5 macrocarrier holders, tubing

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Hepta Adaptor for PDS-1000/He System

Pkg of 1, biolistic shock wave splitter for use with the PDS-1000/He system (#165-2257), includes 5 stopping screens

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(Discontinued) Voltage Converter

Pkg of 1, voltage converter, for use with PDS-1000/He system on 220–240 V lines

This product is no longer available. Please contact technical support for more information on replacement product.
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