Nucleic Acid Extraction Module



Lab Preparation Checklist
Kit contains sufficient materials for 12 workstations, or 25 genomic DNA extractions
Lysis buffer, 20 ml 1
Dithiothreitol (DTT), 0.3 g 1
Wash buffer, 20 ml 1
Sterile water, 2.5 ml 1
Micropestles 25
Spin columns 25
Microcentrifuge tubes, 2.0 ml 25
Microcentrifuge tubes, 1.5 ml 30
Colored microcentrifuge tubes, 2.0 ml 60
Instruction manual 1
Required Accessories Not Included in Kit:
Plant samples
95–100% lab grade ethanol
Adjustable micropipets
2–20 µl 1
20–200 µl 1–12
100–1,000 µl 1–12
Pipet tips, aerosol barrier
2–20 µl, Xcluda™ B 1 box
20–200 µl, Xcluda D 1 box
100–1,000 µl, Xcluda E 1 box
Microcentrifuges capable of greater than 12,000 x g 1–4
Water bath 1
Heat block 1
Recommended (Optional) Accessories:
Spectrophotometer and cuvettes
Fluorometer (VersaFluor™)
DEPC-treated water, 100 ml
Refills Available Separately:
Nucleic Acid Extraction Refill Kit, includes DTT,
lysis buffer, wash buffer, sterile water
Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Series Overview

Prepare your students for the real world of scientific research. Engage them with the opportunity to perform novel, relevant research that can actually contribute to scientific knowledge. In this unique modular lab series, students are guided through an innovative research workflow identical to those performed in genomics labs worldwide. Over a multiple-week lab course, students will combine traditional and cutting edge molecular biology techniques and bioinformatics to clone, sequence, and analyze a housekeeping gene from a plant of your choice ensuring each class produces unique and novel data. The real thing. As a research and diagnostics manufacturing company, Bio-Rad brings unique strengths to the education market, including credibility, high quality products (kits and equipment that work), novel inquiry-based curricula, cutting edge kit applications, competitive pricing, superior teacher professional development programs, long-term strategic partners and allies, and strong personal endorsements from customers across all levels of education.

To clone a gene, genomic DNA (gDNA) must first be extracted from the organism. The nucleic acid extraction module allows students to extract all nucleic acids from plant cells using tissue grinding and lysis, followed by purification using column chromatography. The final sample, which contains gDNA and RNA, can be used for PCR. RNA can then be removed from the sample by treatment with RNase I as an optional activity.

The protocol provided with this module has been optimized for genomic DNA extraction from most plant species. Different plants yield different quantities of genomic DNA. Each extraction yields sufficient DNA for 16 PCR amplifications.

If you want students to use the nucleic acid extraction module to extract RNA, genomic DNA can be removed from the sample with DNase I treatment. For further RNA work, elution using DEPC-treated water is recommended.

Kit contains sufficient materials for 25 genomic DNA extractions  
Lysis buffer 20 ml
Dithiothreitol (DTT) 0.3 g
Wash buffer 20 ml
Sterile water 2.5 ml
Micropestles 25
Spin columns 25
Microcentrifuge tubes 2.0 ml, 25
Microcentrifuge tubes 1.5 ml, 30
Colored microcentrifuge tubes 2.0 ml, 60
Instruction manual 1

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Nucleic Acid Extraction Module #166-5005EDU
Nucleic Acid Extraction Module

First module in Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Series classroom study kit, includes buffers, DTT, test tubes

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