MiniOpticon Real-Time PCR System


The MiniOpticon™ system is a compact, two-color, real-time detection platform built on the MJ Mini™ cycler. It is one of the smallest and most portable systems available for real-time PCR applications and gel-free PCR analysis. Its two-color multiplexing capability allows detection of a range of fluorophores.

In the MiniOpticon system, samples are sequentially illuminated by a fixed array of 48 light-emitting diodes (LEDs), minimizing cross talk. Emitted fluorescence is detected by one of two filtered photodiodes to ensure independent detection of both colors.

This no-moving-parts design allows sensitive detection in a small but robust package. The MiniOpticon system incorporates all the features of the MJ Mini cycler, including precise thermal control and temperature gradient capability. The system also features:

  • Opticon Monitor™ analysis software, which performs applications including quantitative RT-PCR, relative gene expression analysis, and allelic discrimination
  • Ability to connect up to four instruments to a single computer


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