Mini-PROTEAN II Multiscreen Apparatus



Mini-PROTEAN II Multiscreen Apparatus Assembly

Assembly of the multiscreen apparatus. The membrane (1) is clamped between the sample template (2) and the gasket (3). The base (4) holds two separate sample templates.

Multiscreen Apparatus Sample Results

A western blot screened with 20 antibody samples using the Mini-PROTEAN II multiscreen apparatus. Human serum was electrophoresed in a mini gel, blotted to nitrocellulose, and probed with various rabbit antibodies to human serum proteins. Bio-Rad's goat anti-rabbit AP conjugate and color development reagents, BCIP and NBT, were used to visualize the positive antigens.

With the Mini-PROTEAN II multiscreen apparatus, you can quickly and efficiently screen or filter up to 40 different antibodies or sera without cutting a western blot into individual strips.

Advantages of this unit include:

  • Compatibility with all common western blotting procedures
  • Precise side-by-side comparison of results
  • Economical use of antibody samples — requires only 600 µl per channel
  • Separate, detachable sample templates that accommodate one or two 8 x 7 cm blots
  • Clamps that secure the blot to form 40 leakproof channels
  • Molded gasket that eliminates cross-contamination between samples
  • Easy operation and assembly

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Mini-PROTEAN II Multiscreen Apparatus

Pkg of 1, blot screening device, includes 2 detachable sample templates, 2 gaskets, base plate; allows testing up to 40 different antibodies or sera

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(Discontinued) Multiscreen Gaskets

Pkg of 2, replacement molded gasket for use with the Mini-PROTEAN II multiscreen apparatus (#170-4017)

This product is no longer available. Please contact technical support for more information on replacement product.
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M1704017 Instruction Manual, Mini-PROTEAN® II Multiscreen Apparatus, Rev B Click to download