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Bio-Rad HLA serology products are used for the detection of either human HLA antigens (Bio-Rad Lymphotype) or HLA antibodies (Bio-Rad Lymphoscreen) in a complement-dependent microlymphocytotoxicity (MLCT) test. The MLCT test is an easy and long established method which can be used routinely in every HLA laboratory.

Bio-Rad Lymphotype plates contain human, polyclonal HLA antisera or monoclonal HLA antibodies of defined specificity for the determination of HLA class I or HLA class II antigens.

Bio-Rad Lymphoscreen plates contain peripheral blood lymphocytes from various, healthy blood donors with defined HLA antigens. These plates are intended to be used for the screening and identification of complement-dependent cytotoxic HLA-antibodies.

The resulting lysis of the lymphocytes can be made visible in both Lymphotype and Lymphoscreen tests by using either a colour stain (e.g. eosin) or fluorescent dye. Assessment of lysed and non-lysed lymphocytes is carried out using either an inverse phase contrast or UV microscope.

Lymphotype HLA-DR/DQ 72

6 (72-well) typing trays with pre-dropped and absorbed HLA DR/DQ antisera

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