Liquichek™ Opiate Quality Control


Contains eight opioid drugs or drug metabolites, at concentrations above and below assay cutoffs. This control has been tested by GC/MS, LC/MS/MS and other methods to confirm the recovery of drug concentration, with representative values provided for screening and confirmatory methods.

  • Human urine
  • 3 year shelf-life at -20°C to -70°C
  • 30 day open-vial stability at 2–8°C

Opiate gravimetric chart


  • 6-Monoacetylmorphine (6-MAM, Heroin Metabolite)
  • Buprenorphine
  • EDDP (Methadone Metabolite)
  • Fentanyl
  • Meperidine*
  • Methadone
  • Oxycodone
  • Tramadol*
*International use only. Not for diagnostic use in the United States.
Refer to or the package insert of currently available lots for specific analyte and stability claims and detection limits of methods used.