Liquichek Homocysteine Control


Liquichek™ Homocysteine Control is a trilevel, single analyte control designed to monitor Homocysteine precision across a wide range of target values for multiple platforms.

  • Liquid, human serum based
  • 3 year shelf life at -20°C to -70°C
  • 30 day open-vial stability at 2–8°C
  • Includes values on all three levels for HPLC and automated immunoassays (Abbott, Beckman Coulter®, Roche and Siemens)

  • Analytes
  • Homocysteine
Refer to the package insert of currently available lots for stability claims.
Liquichek™ Homocysteine Control, Trilevel MiniPak
Liquichek™ Homocysteine Control, Trilevel MiniPak

Liquid, human serum based, single analyte Homocysteine control, assayed for HPLC and immunoassay analyzers, trilevel MiniPak (3 x 1mL)

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