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Access World's Largest Collection of Spectra Campus-Wide

KnowItAll U provides every student and faculty member in your institution — at any computer campus–wide — access to over 1.4 million spectra (IR, Raman, CNMR, HNMR, XNMR, MS, UV-Vis).

Users can access the collection anywhere on campus via KnowItAll AnyWare™ — a simple, platform-independent web browser interface. Or they can access via the award-winning KnowItAll desktop software, which provides tools for advanced analyses, structure drawing, NMR prediction, reporting, and more.

Featured Users

ETH Zürich
Olin College
Princeton University
Texas A&M University
Universidade Estadual de Campinas

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A Must-Have Resource for the Chemistry Library & Classroom
"Can be utilized within the teaching curriculum, academic research in chemistry and biology, and in a library setting." Dr. Malcolm D'Souza
Professor, Wesley College

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