VARIANT™ II β-Thalassemia Short Program Reorder Pack



VARIANT™ II β-thalassemia Short Program Reorder Pack

VARIANT™ II β-Thalassemia Short Program

A typical β-Thalassemia Short Program chromatogram of a patient of HbS/C phenotype. Integration of the chromatogram by the VARIANT II yields objective and precise results when compared to traditional methods.

The β-Thalassemia program combines three laboratory methods into a single, fully automated assay. Unlike electrophoretic and column methods, the VARIANT II provides objective and precise results.

The VARIANT™ II β-Thalassemia Short Program Reorder Pack offers fully automated, multi-analyte β-thalassemia testing for increased laboratory productivity and accuracy. Each 6.5-minute assay provides simultaneous, quantitative results for percent HbA2 and HbF while detecting the most commonly occurring abnormal hemoglobin variants.

One VARIANT™ II assay can replace three manual assays in the laboratory. The instrument accepts capped primary whole blood tubes, allows through-cap piercing, and provides true walk-away operation. Both percent HbA2 and HbF results are calibrated for the highest levels of precision and accuracy.


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VARIANT™ II β-Thalassemia Reorder Pack

Reagents, supplies for 500 tests of hemoglobin A2 and F in whole blood using the VARIANT™ II System; aids in the identification of hemoglobin variants

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