Firmware & Software Updates



Checking Installed Versions

Software Versions
To determine the version number of the software installed on your computer, launch the software, then select Help > About from the main software window.

Firmware Versions
To determine the firmware version installed on your instrument, turn on the power, wait for boot sequence to finish, then navigate through the following options from the front panel:

Instrument Version Location
C1000 Touch thermal cycler Tools > About
C1000 thermal cycler Utilities > About
S1000 thermal cycler Tools > Version
T100 thermal cycler Tools > About
CFX Connect real-time PCR detection system CFX Manager Software > Detected Instrument(s) Pane > CFX Connect instrument icon > Properties
MyCycler thermal cycler Utilities > Instrument Information
MJ Mini thermal cycler Tools > Version
iCycler thermal cycler Utilities > Display Firmware Version
DNA Engine Tetrad 2, Dyad, and Dyad Disciple thermal cyclers Utilities > About
DNA Engine and Tetrad thermal cyclers Setup > Version

Bio-Rad Laboratories periodically offers updates for the software and firmware available for amplification instruments. Installing updates ensures optimal performance from your instrument and provides additional features as they become available. We strongly recommend that you regularly check your system and install any available updates.

  • Amplification instruments: Compare the firmware version installed on the instrument to the most current version listed under Download
  • Amplification software: Check the software version installed on your computer against the most current software version listed under Download

To update your firmware or software, download the zipped file which contains update files and instructions.

Bio-Rad also offers software utilities for some instruments which provide additional features, see Download.

Number Description Options
10021337 Instruction Manual, CFX96 Touch™, CFX96 Touch Deep Well, CFX Connect™, and CFX384 Touch™ Real-Time PCR Detection Systems, Instruction Manual, Rev E Click to download
10954 Instruction Manual, MiniOpticon System, Rev J Click to download