Concord™ 96-Well Polycarbonate PCR Plates, Low-Profile


Concord 96-well PCR plates have been used in PCR and other thermal-cycling applications for many years. Thin-wall polycarbonate construction allows excellent heat transfer. PCR volumes of 20–150 µl (maximum of 210 µl) are recommended for oil-free thermal cycling with these plates. They fit many 96-well cyclers, including DNA Engine cyclers, and are DNase-, RNase-, and human DNA-free. Recommended sealing products include Microseal 'A' film, Microseal 'F' foil, and Chill-out liquid wax.

Note: Concord polycarbonate PCR plates are not recommended for use with 35S.

Concord Polycarbonate PCR Plates, 25 per package

Pkg of 25, 96-well PCR plate, natural

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Polycarbonate Dust Covers, for Concord polycarbonate PCR plates, 25 per package

Pkg of 25, PCR plate dust cover, nonsealing, for use with Concord polycarbonate 96-well PCR plates (#CON-9601)

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