CheckN'Safe Kits



  • Easy to handle approach, skills in microbiology are not required
  • Membrane filtration only, no need for investment in additional equipment
  • Compact and robust, no specific water lab required
  • Fast results:
    • 2,000 E. coli /100ml detected in 4 hr 20 min
    • 500 E. coli /100ml detected within 5 hr
    • 250 Enterococci / 100ml detected within 9 hr



XplOrer64 method has been certified by AFNOR as an alternative method to the following reference standards, according to the reference for validation “Protocol for the Validation of a commercial method versus a reference method in the water microbiology field (revision 0)” (adopted by AFNOR Certification on 28/07/2008) :

  • EN ISO 9308-3, for the detection and enumeration of Escherichia coli at 44°C (with CheckN’Safe E.coli reagent) in bathing waters, under certification No: BRD 07/18 - 11/09. Valid until: 06/11/2013
  • EN ISO 7899-1, for the detection and enumeration of intestinal Enterococci at 37°C (with CheckN’Safe Enterococci reagent) in bathing waters, under certification No: BRD 07/19 - 11/09. Valid until: 06/11/2013



Intended Use

Kits for real-time and continuous detection and quantification of Escherichia coli or intestinal Enterococci in bathing recreational waters, used with the XplOrer64 System. Requiring only few minutes to handle the filtration step and processing up to 64 samples simultaneously in random access, the CheckN’Safe E. coli/Enterococci test is simple to perform and provides a rapid real-time quantitative result. The test is based on a continuous real-time impedance technology. The higher the bacterial concentration, the sooner the time to result, giving the E. coli/Enterococci concentration in the water sample.


CheckN’Safe is a culture medium and analysis is based on a variation of impedance. Each vial contains a specific selective enriched broth culture medium that enables specifically the growth of the targeted environmental strains. It contains 2 electrodes to measure the variable signal of impedance during growth. The detection and data analysis processes are optimized for the use with the XplOrer64 System. This test allows the detection of 500 E.coli/100 ml within 6 hours and 370 Enterococci/100 ml of bathing water within 9 hours (warm-up time included), whatever the origin of the bathing water sample is (marine seawater or fresh surface water).

CheckN'Safe E. coli Kit

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CheckN'Safe Enterococci Kit

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CheckN'Safe Screw Caps


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