BioLogic DuoFlow™ pH Monitor



BioLogic Signal Import Module (SIM)
BioLogic Signal Import Module (SIM)

This optional module allows import of an analog signal (up to 2.5V) from a pH electrode or other external detector (such as a UV, refractive index, or fluorescence monitor). The BioLogic DuoFlow software accommodates two SIMs and can display four data signals simultaneously.

The BioLogic DuoFlow inline pH monitor enables real-time monitoring of pH conditions during a sample run. The monitor is included with all BioLogic DuoFlow Maximizer™ and BioLogic DuoFlow Pathfinder™ systems that connect via a standard pH probe connector. It is also available as an option for the BioLogic DuoFlow system that connects via a signal import module (SIM). The pH monitor is supplied with a tubing kit that includes installed 1/4–28 fittings. Key features include:

  • High-precision calomel electrodes, which ensure full compatibility with buffers such as Tris that are incompatible with Ag/AgCl electrodes
  • Reference and pH electrodes that are sealed in a single body, which minimizes drying out of the reference electrode and eliminates the need to add electrolyte solution
  • Flow rates to 80 ml/min
  • A biocomptible PEEK flow cell with a swept volume of approximately 80 µl to yield high precision and accuracy
  • pH range of 1–14

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BioLogic DuoFlow pH Monitor

Pkg of 1, pH monitor, includes SIM module, pH electrode, flow cell, and tubing

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BioLogic DuoFlowâ„¢ pH Electrode
BioLogic DuoFlow™ pH Electrode

Pkg of 1, replacement, pH electrode for use with the BioLogic DuoFlow chromatography systems

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